The single most significant factor in determining the cost of your insurance is how an insurer looks at the risk they undertake in agreeing to insure you, but not all insurance brokers understand the intricacies of the full underwriting process. Most brokers feel underwriting implies scheduling an insurance medical exam for you. We go well beyond merely submitting insurance applications and physician reports to the insurers. We ask the questions that we know will help identify which is the best insurer or insurers to select for your individual situation. To ensure the best premium when dealing with potentially challenging medical conditions, difficult family medical history and challenging hobbies or travel, much more interaction between the client and the broker is needed. The choice of a knowledgeable insurance broker is critical. Through the relationships we’ve built over a span of 50 years we are able to provide the best products and pricing, even when dealing with significant medical and personal issues. The end result is a guarantee that we work toward our goal of getting our clients get the most aggressive and best priced offer.

We are often asked by clients and other professional advisors how we handle preexisting conditions, for example a history of diabetes, asthma, sleep apnea, cancer or hobbies like scuba diving or private piloting.

The truth is, some clients are poor health risks for an insurer, some may even be classed as uninsurable regardless of the effort we put into a case; however in many instances we are able to secure life insurance coverage for challenging cases because of two main reasons:

1 We understand the reinsurance process, and how each carrier views things a little differently, for example one carrier might not offer the top health rate to someone who had a parent die young where another will, and

2 Our high level of experience combined with years of building and maintaining relationships with underwriters enables us to negotiate offers quite frequently. Our firm and the organizations we partner with have billions of dollars of in-force life insurance protection and it’s that volume of business that can help to persuade carriers to provide offers they might not give to another, and this makes us a beneficial partner in servicing you and your client’s needs.